Meet the Fleet - Excavators

The Plant: Excavators
AB2K Locations: Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen
Variations: Mini/midi, tracked, wheeled, long reach, low ground pressure
Brands: JCB, Caterpillar, Sany, Doosan, Liebherr, Hyundai, Bobcat, Komatsu, Kobelco and Kubota
Published Date: 09/10/2019, 15:40

Meet AB2K's Excavator Fleet

As one of the core vehicles used across the board, AB2K’s large fleet of excavators are among the hardest working machines in the organisation.

With a machine to suit every requirement, the fleet ranging in size from compact 1.5T tracked mini excavators, to hefty 54T machines, fitted with rock tracks and quarry window guards – perfect for working alongside our crushing fleet.

All AB2K excavators are fitted with automatic double-locking quick hitches, meeting current safety requirements. A wide array of attachments means that whatever your site need, there’s an attachment to meet the spec, from a ripper tooth to a grab, and buckets of every size.  

All AB2k excavators undergo a schedule of planned maintenance, ensuring the prevention of equipment breakdowns and failures. Coupled with our extensive network of fitters, based on the road and within our depots, you can be sure that an AB2K excavator will always dig deep when you need it most!

Tracked excavators plant hire

Weighing in at up to 54T, an AB2K excavator is no lightweight – so it is no surprise than many customers favour our tracked excavators, rolling in on steel or rubber tracks.

A weighty base provides a stable anchor, allowing a tracked excavator to perform well in any landscape, delivering a high-production dig in even the harshest conditions. The full ‘anchor’ of a long track on the ground allows a deeper dig, as you are not having to take into account the additional height of the machine’s wheels, and if working on uneven or soft ground, you cannot beat the stability of a tracked machine.

Long-reach excavators to hire

With arms designed to reach farther than a normal excavator, long-reach excavators are perfect for most complex jobs.

A highly versatile machine, a long-reach excavator can be used for a variety of tasks, and are especially useful in a variety of ‘hard-to-access’ industries. AB2K’s tracked fleet boasts reaches of up to 22m, making them suitable for work in quarrying silt ponds, marine environments, river banks, drainage and embankments.

Low ground pressure excavators to hire

Designed for making light work of wet, boggy or soft ground conditions, our fleet of low ground pressure excavators are ideally placed for handling the terrain in Scotland – where 23% of the country’s land area is covered by raised peat bogs.

Extra wide tracks spread the weight of the machine, stopping it sinking and minimising the impact of the tracks on the ground below. This innovative track system is also in place on a series of low ground pressure bulldozers. With a fleet ranging from 8T to 16T, the LGP excavator range include everything you would expect from an AB2K tracked excavator, just without that sinking feeling!

Wheeled excavators plant hire

Versatile and easily manoeuvrable, a wheeled excavator or ‘rubber duck’ is a key tool for many. Perfect for working on roadways and carparks, the rubber wheels do not mark existing surfaces that a tracked machine would destroy.

With rubber tyres, a wheeled excavator is easier to manoeuvre around a site, with wheels needing lower amount of torque to move from a standing start, and a smaller turning circle – ideal for busy sites.

There is a misconception that stability of wheeled machines can be an issue, but that simply isn’t the case. With stabilizers set down, the typical wheeled excavator will have a comparable lifting performance to that of a similar tracked machine, and hydraulically adjustable booms allowing the retraction of the load closer to the centre of the machine, enhancing capacity further.

Mini/midi excavators to hire

The baby of the bunch, our mini excavator weighs in at just 5T -but still packs a mighty punch. A short tail swing means that manoeuvring around the tightest of spots is a breeze, but size isn’t everything – this mini tracked machine still delivers a powerful performance. It’s not only small, it’s also perfectly formed, with noise reduction features making it a great site addition.

The mini’s slightly bigger brother, the midi excavator weighs in at 8T. Its compact size makes it nippy and easy to manoeuvre. Available with rubber or steel tracks and complete with a blade, the midi excavator provides stability and versatility, and comes complete with a double-locking quick hitch and ready piped for a breaker.

With a variety of bucket sizes and ditching bucket, the mini and midi excavators have plenty to shout about. Bucket sizes range from 300mmm to 900mm, adding to the versatility of these handy little machines.

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